Mission underway

Mission underway

: Finally heard Bush’s remarks on the Iraqi elections. How much better it would have been if he had given that after the fall of Baghdad instead of standing under a “mission accomplished” banner in a flight suit.

There’s a lot of hard work ahead.

eeyore.jpgTo the eeyores whose party line today is that a vote does not a democracy make, I say that that a journey begins with one step. Of course, it was not a perfect election. Well, duh. Our elections aren’t perfect.

It was a miraculous election. And the message of it is obvious — or should be obvious: These people hunger for the opportunity to govern there nation. What people would not? The fact of the election is a powerful message to the rest of the Middle East (and they’re hearing it); it is a message to those who said that Iraq is not ready for democracy; it is a message to the terrorists and murderers there who would try to stop the democratic inevitability.

But yes, of course, there is a tremendous amount of work to do.

Hell, democracy in America still requires work.

: The eeyore meme spreads.