: Lots of folks are gushing over A9’s photos of storefronts automatically associated with yellow page listings. I go in an ask about my favorite sandwich joint, Cosi, and for reasons I can’t figure, the photo associated with it is of a woman wearing a burkha.

I’ve seen years go online-yellow-page triumphalism. It was going to take over the yellow pages and destroy businesses… but it ended up destroying the destroyers first. I’m unimpressed. Show me why I’m wrong. Leave a search that works in the comments.

  • Bevonovo

    Here’s one that works.
    It’s for a thai resturant here in san anselmo, ca.

  • Brian Perry

    Jeff, this site is basically awesome. I lived in New York a few years back, and I was able to help pick the best photo for businesses from my former street and write a review for the excellent Pick A Bagel near where I worked. Here’s the link:
    I have put my stamp on the Pick A Bagel page, choosing their photo and writing the review. Once this ability comes to everyone’s town, this would be a huge tool for consumers to see what they’re getting without driving and also hear what people have to say about the business.
    I think this is an excellent idea, well executed. Just as Amazon has made reading what other people think about a book or CD effortless and informative, they now could do it for stores and business. Businesses need to watch for a flood of honesty…

  • There are a few listed here.

  • jeremy in NYC

    I’m more concerned that Cosi is your favorite sandwich joint.

  • There are mistakes or photos of places blocked by trucks or SUVs, but it is pretty amazing. I’m surprised nobody did it before.
    It will be a great help if you are going to a neighborhood you’re not familiar with or trying to give direction to someone.
    I haven’t poked around to see if there is a version for cellphone or how it works on a treo, but that seems to be the ultimate use.
    Lost and don’t have gps? Enter in where you are and where you want to go and see your route and photos of what it will look like as you get there.
    I like finding independent book and video stores I shop instead of Amazon. Like
    Leather Tongue Video, Borderlands Books (where I’ll see Lucius Shepard read this weekend), and Modern Times Book Store. The photo for Modern Times is off by a few stores. This is the correct photo for Modern Times.
    I do wish they had links to the store’s website if it has one.
    And because amazon has open API’s people are already doing interesting things with the photos.
    This page allows you to see an entire street.
    And people are having fun with it on flickr. Here is a
    photoset showing the A9 SUV relected in windows.
    Here are interesting photos tagged with
    a9local. And there is a
    group to discuss the service.

  • I see you can click on the best image if the one they feature is wrong, so now it features the right photo for Modern Times (where I hope people will buy books instead of at Amazon).

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