Freedom to Connect (…

Freedom to Connect (read: After the FCC)
kickass conference in Washington on March 30-31 about the future of networks: technology, regulation, spectrum, freedom of speech. He calls it Freedom to Connect. A short while before he put together the conference, I suggested the need for a conference about life After the FCC. He said let’s put them together. The writeup says:

The future of telecommunications starts now; there’s a new U.S. Telecom Act in the works, there’s unbundling in Europe, fast fiber in Asia, wireless across Africa and networks a-building in cities and villages around the world. Lead the discussion. Shape the debate. Assert your Freedom to Connect.

The need to communicate is primary, like the need to breathe, eat, sleep, reproduce, socialize and learn….

Freedom to Connect belongs with Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Assembly. Each of these freedoms is related to the others and depends on the others, but stands distinct. Freedom to Connect, too, depends on the other four but carries its own meaning. Unlike the others, it does not yet have a body of law and practice surrounding it. There is no Digital Bill of Rights. Freedom to Connect is the place to start….

Speakers and panelists include Vint Cerf, David Weinberger, Susan Crawford, and more. Sign up.