Feeling the chill… in more ways than one

Feeling the chill… in more ways than one

: This is what the FCC’s censorship has brought: Rampant stupidity necessitated by stupid government. From the AP:

Fox says it covered up the naked rear end of a cartoon character recently because of nervousness over what the Federal Communications Commission will find objectionable.

The latest example of TV network self-censorship because of FCC concerns came a few weeks ago during a rerun of the “Family Guy” cartoon. Fox blurred out a character’s naked butt, even though the image was seen five years ago when the episode originally aired.

“We have to be checking and second-guessing ourselves now, and that’s really difficult,” Fox entertainment president Gail Berman said Monday. “We have to protect our affiliates.” …

PBS executives also said this weekend they will edit out a glimpse of a naked woman in a fictional account of a terrorist “dirty bomb” attack that will be aired next month after being shown first on HBO.