Blogola: One more note

Blogola: One more note

: As I read all the sniping and snarking and bitchslapping among the ex-Deaniac bloggers at each others’ throats, I’m mindful of one thing: If things had gone their way, these people would be running the country now. Yow.

: I keep reading more comments on the various ex-Deaniacs’ blogs and I’ll add this: No wonder they lost Iowa. No wonder Dean screamed.

A lot of fussing and fuming. This is politics, folks. If you can’t stand the heat….

: UPDATE: Zephyr Teachout posts an FAQ on all this, politely. And Glenn Reynolds points to Bigwig’s post on politeness. That is striking about all this: the shrill tone of many. There’s irony in that: You’d think that Kos and MyDD would or could be playing the victims — not of Zephyr’s post now but of what she alleges about the Dean campaign’s motives in paying them. Instead, they and others go on the attack and get downright nasty about it with their former allies. And there seems to be little awareness that this is in public, that people are watching how they — we, as a culture — behave when faced with tough questions, an awareness that everything they say could be quoted tomorrow in the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post. This is, after all, the transparent medium, isn’t it? Right now, I happen to be watching Das Experiment, the German movie about a scientific experiment simulating a prison. Imagine that this whole blog thing is just one big psychological experiment and the guys in the white coats are watching to see what we lab rats do in this maze of media and politics and life. To paraphrase Ed Koch: How are we doin’?

: I also imagine Republican strategists reading through this grand kerfluffle and laughing their little heads off as they say it’s going to be easy to beat the liberals again because they’re so damned busy beating themselves.

Some folks are going to wake up tomorrow with a mean snark hangover.

: There are, sadly, a few examples of uncivilized responses in the comments to this post. I’ll leave a few of them here, monuments to man’s inhumanity to man. But I won’t tolerate more.