Sell-side advertising: The ad that expires

Sell-side advertising: The ad that expires

: Just saw something fascinating on Slickdeals: a Dell coupon that expires after 5,000 uses. Add this to the discussion of sell-side advertising, where ads bring with them a limited budget and time.

  • Tom

    That is interesting. Kind of reminds me of what had on its backend when you could sign up to put ads up on your site. Never got to try it out, as they kicked out most bloggers that applied and refused to answer any questions as to why. But you could tell that Vonage, for instance, had 496 “sales” left over that you had an opportunity to make some money on.
    Oh – and the RSS feed on SlickDeals is just that – slick.

  • soup

    For those who haven’t heard of Slickdeals, the BEST deal site (fatwallet a close second), the address is: