TiVo czar

TiVo czar

: It’s either the best of jobs or the worst of jobs: TiVo is looking for a CEO as Michael Ramsay bumps himself up to full-time chairman. It’s the best because it really could trigger the explosion of TV, now that the TiVo is throwing its fate with the internet (see all the exploding tV blather below): It could set the precedent for the new means of distributing media. It’s the worst because it’s just a tough business challenge going up against cable and satellite big boys.

  • pb

    If the new CEO goes aggressively after set-top boxes, Tivo is a screaming buy.

  • Dishman

    I used to work for a would-be competitor to TiVo (they’re gone now). I’m out of consumer electronics now. I no longer have a stake in this (just a personal grudge against a business model).
    This year, I expect to see a host of new products aimed at this market space. They’ll be running mostly OS X, Windows or Linux. They’ll be a good deal more open and accessible than TiVo.
    TiVo will have to either offer some significant usability advantage or lower cost. They’re going to be hard pressed to compete on features. It is fundamentally a closed system.