: I love visiting Susan Crawford’s brain. Today’s post about bluegrass and BitTorrent:

I went to a fine concert this evening that ended up with everyone (two fiddles, one banjo, one guitar, one mandolin, drummer, and a simian cellist) standing in a row at the front of the stage playing away. Plenty of eyebrow cues were going around, and when the simian cellist didn’t have enough to say the mandolin guy picked right up. The crowd loved it.

Kenosis is a way to distribute BitTorrent distribution, so if one tracker fails the next will pick right up. As far as I can tell from the description, it provides a secure, distributed, and stable platform for p2p BitTorrent anonymous filetrading. Nodes in its network communicate how “close” they are to each other. No more centralized tracking. Plus the comments reveal that the authors want to make a lot of progress on distributed trust — so you’ll be confident in your downloads.

I bet the crowd will love it.

  • pianoman

    Kenosis is to BitTorrent what BearShare was to music-swapping: Protection from the Powers That Be.
    Once Azareus is Kenosis-aware, the MPAA will have to give up and learn to live in a world where video can be exchanged freely.
    The real problem the MPAA has is that software manufacturers are using torrents more and more for rapid distribution. When I was alpha-testing World of Warcraft, Blizzard sent us monthly updates via torrents. It was the only reasonable way to get the data into the hands of thousands of testers quickly.