More exploding TV

More exploding TV

: I found more evidence of exploding TV at the Consumer Electronics Show, below.

Cory Bergman at Lost Remote finds more:

For years broadcasters have heard warnings that the internet will challenge their core TV business. But some still think the internet only siphons away a little TV viewing here and there. No big deal. But they’re missing the big picture. Take a look at the announcements coming out of CES. Tech companies are aggressively wiring their way into living rooms with video via the internet (Microsoft, TiVo, Akimbo) and phone fiber (SBC). Then of course, don’t forget satellite and cable as they race to add VOD features (DISH announced today). With so many pipelines into tomorrow’s living rooms — all providing on-demand content — the tired, old broadcast model falls flat. Everything will be on-demand and interactive. So why do so many TV stations (and to a lesser extent, the networks) still think of themselves as broadcasters? How yesterday. TV stations must reinvent themselves as content providers for multiple platforms.

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