Dreading the next trial

Dreading the next trial

: Just as we get rid of Scott Peterson — well, once Matt Lauer stops airing his daily Amber Frey shows — we will get the Michael Jackson trial and it will take over all available media, knocking the dead in the Indian Ocean off the front page and the lead story on the evening news. It will be all-Jacko-all-the-time and I, for one, am dreading it.

The Smoking Gun gives us a preview today with a lengthy investigation of the case against Jackson.

But now, for the first time, The Smoking Gun has compiled an authoritative, behind-the-scenes account of the prosecution’s case against the King of Pop, who was indicted last April on ten felony counts for the alleged sexual abuse of a Los Angeles boy in early 2003. This story (and the ones linked at right) are based on a review of confidential law enforcement and government reports, grand jury testimony, and sealed court records provided to TSG by sources.

If the harrowing and deeply disturbing allegations in these documents are true, Jackson is a textbook pedophile, a 46-year-old predator who plied children with wine, vodka, tequila, Jim Beam whiskey, and Bacardi rum….

It’s an awful story. And if Jackson is guilty as charged, it’s an awful crime. But you can bet that “news” media will overdose us on this trial — beyond Peterson, beyond O.J. Whole cable channels and syndicated shows will be taken over by Jackson. Certain magazines might as well rename themselves Michael Weekly.

But I’m going to go way, way out on a limb and predict that blogs will not go nearly as Jacko-jerky. If that’s true, it could be because big media is overestimating our hunger for Jackson child-molestation news (which I think is quite likely). Or it could be because we may read the stuff but it’s not worth our time writing about. Or it could be that we have more pride than big media; we’re not pimping for circulation. We’ll see….