Media on media

Media on media

: I’m going to be on Hugh Hewitt‘s show tonight at 8p ET to talk about the blog explosion. I haven’t had a chance to buy his Blog book yet. Shhh. Don’t tell him.

: Ya gotta love it: I started the day on liberal Air America and the Morning Sedition show. I ended the day on conservative radio and the Hugh Hewitt show. In the middle, I was quoted in the classy Wall Street Journal and in the, well, uh, common denominator of Inside Edition. And in the meantime, I confounded all sides right here. Ain’t media wonderful? Or is that isn’t? Or is that arent’?

  • No problem, I’ll keep quiet but I bet you don’t have a worry in the world and he probably found some of the information for his book on your blog :-) Best of luck

  • Jeff B.

    Just heard your segment with Glenn Reynolds on Hugh Hewitt (ah, gotta love live internet streaming – it’s the only way to hear Hewitt in Washington, DC, which is a travesty considering he’s head and shoulders above every other right-wing talk radio guy I’ve encountered). You two make a pretty decent tag-team pair (both articulate, neither one frothing), and it was a good segment that justified my listening time, which is as high a compliment as I’m inclined to pay to talk radio.
    RE: what you said to Hewitt in response to his question about how the MSM must adapt or interact with the blogosphere…both you and Reynolds agreed that “co-optation” (though you took issue with the negative implication of the term) was going to be the necessary reaction by Big Media to the blogs…but what form do you think that will take? I’ve heard many blogs floating various theories, but I wonder how successful any attempts will be: so far every blogger created or adopted by a prexisting Media Institution has suddenly falling silent concerning critiques offered by other members of that institution itself. (Maybe Mickey Kaus is an exception, though he’s certainly not loved for it on the Left.) Given the reluctance of such entities to tolerate strong public criticism by its paid employees or contributors (remember how Andrew Sullivan was blackballed from the NY Times for attacking Howell Raines?), don’t you think any such “co-optation” would necessarily come with a concurrent loss of credibility for that blogger? And wouldn’t such a basically ironclad institutional law (applying equally to Left or Right-leaning places) undercut the ability of Big Media to draw blogs into their formal sphere?

  • I saw something about Mr. Hewitt’s book in a recent blog prediction contest (I’m not sure who was sponsoring this one… I think it may have been Puddle Pirate). Has it been published yet? It should be an interesting read.

  • Jeff,
    One of the problem areas for both the MSM and the blogs is lack of follow-up, although I’ve noticed that you do a pretty good job of following up stories.
    Anyway, I thought I’d take a look back at the story about the antiquities being looted at the Iraq National Museum and engage in old-fashioned research.
    You might be interested with what I found.
    Iraqi Bloggers Central.

  • Franz

    Gawker would call this “media obsessed” or “media whoring” in the now reigning Jessica Coen era!

  • I think that’s “aren’t”, with a “they”.

  • old maltese

    It’s “aren’t”, of course, but then “ain’t” ain’t bad.
    As Wm. Safire said last Sunday: “Idioms is idioms.” :•)