The new network beats the old network

The new network beats the old network

: I’m watching CNN right now and Anderson Cooper made a big deal of showing video of the tsunami “just in.” Except I saw that video online this morning and linked to it then.

Whether it comes to gathering news — witness this video — or distributing news — witness the 6-10 times more people who saw Jon Stewart online than on CNN — the new, distributed citizens’ network sometimes beats the old, centralized corporate network.

  • Frank S.

    I saw Anderson Cooper’s “this video just in to CNN” report last night and wondered what took them so long. I had that video on my
    hard drive all day (thanks to you, Mr. J).

  • dries

    cooper’s 2hr show was really good, far better than anything on other networks YET, internet beat MSN again.
    on sunday, while blogs were already abuzz, networks kept on mentioning quake in passim, sandwiched between reports from malls and re-hash of laci petersen story.

  • Dan

    True, but you have to CNN props for having the best coverage of the three cable news outlets. When I tuned in, MSNBC was taling about Reggie White’s death, FOX was bitching about the ‘stingy’ comment, and only CNN was offering actual newsworthy coverage of the events.