Stingy like a frog

Stingy like a frog

: At 5 p.m., Glenn Reynolds reported that Amazon had raised 112,000 for tsunami relief. Less than three hours later, the total is over $360,000 — which beats the amount the French were reported to have pledged to tsunami relief this afternoon (as a UN official called America’s first offer — of many, no doubt — of $35 million as “stingy“).

: UPDATE: Five hours later, the total is over $585,000 at Amazon.

  • J. Peden

    Thank God the noble Leftists have been vigilant in making us prove we are not stingy, even if this is only a ruse in service of our desire to take over the World.

  • The UN official used the word “stingy” in reference to contributions by western nations not just the US. This has been misconstrued by subsequent and erroneous media reports on Powell’s response, which characterized Egeland’s comments as directed at the US alone.

  • Hairy

    The US is being stingy. What’s money to the US government. It spends money it actually never has anyway. What would it be to send 100 million dollars when the government doesn’t actually have to have that amount in the bank to cover it anyway. Heck send them a blank check with bush’s signature.

  • Dan

    CNN reported yesterday, in one of those annoying crawls at the bottom of the screen during Colin Powell’s speech, that the US had pledged 400,000. Later on, outlets were reporting that the pledge was 15 million. Only after the comments by the UN officer, did the US up its pledge to 35 million. Which, let’s be honest now, is at least 5 million less than the inaugural bash (before security).

  • Yeah, like the rising pledge amount has only to do with how well we gauge its reception on the floor of the UN. It has nothing to do, of course, with the fact that as the numbers slowly rolled in, we thought the quake had killed 10,000, then 12,000, then 30,000, then 60,000…
    And– what, this isn’t real money? It’s not going to have to be cashed in by someone at the receiving end? It’s not going to have to be counted off the ledgers of the Federal Reserve and the budget tabulated by Congress? Are you people for real?
    An honest and concrete groundswell of goodwill in response to an unimaginable tragedy, and all you guys can do is look for ways to take potshots at the US? What is wrong with you?

  • Dan

    Dude, re-read what I wrote, I wasn’t implying that the pledge went up BECAUSE of what the UN said, only that it was AFTER it. I was just trying to correct Jarvis’ facts. I also wanted to point out that money spent on a party for rich people in power could be better spent helping people.
    How is it that considered ‘taking potshots at America’?

  • nickpicker

    Donations via Amazon are approaching $1 million fast.
    In other news, the German government, another non-stingy member of the international community, pledged to give $2.6 million.

  • Ian

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  • Okay, apologies if I misinterpreted.
    This probably isn’t a really useful time to have an emergency debate on the Senate floor over how to cut the cost of inauguration ceremonies so as to appear more moral on the world stage, though. We could probably also save a lot money by not giving it to Egypt and the PLO anymore, but hey.
    I’m sure you can probably see how I might have misunderstood your intent.

  • Dan

    Fair enough.
    I also agree that Egypt and the PLO aren’t the best use of US$.
    But I don’t think that ‘appearing more moral’ is the right reason to cut the cost of the inauguration, the millions of bucks that could help is the right reason.
    The ‘appearance’ would just be an ancillary benefit for this administration.

  • PH

    FYI, France has donated 41.3 million Euros (About $54 Million).

  • PH

    The French government has now pledged a total of at 56 million dollars, including its portion of a 20-million-euro European Union aid program.
    Other leading government contributors were Japan at 40 million dollars, the Netherlands at 36 million dollars, Canada at 32.8 million dollars, Germany at 27 million dollars, Australia at 27 million dollars, Portugal at 11 million dollars, Saudi Arabia at 10 million dollars, and Arab Gulf neighbor of Qatar at 10 million dollars.