Socialized medicine indeed

Socialized medicine indeed

: In posts below on godless Britain, some frustrated folks are trying to put up comments using the word “socialism.” They are stopped in their tracks and they think there’s some vast conspiracy (they can’t decide whether it’s of the left or the right) stopping them. But of course, it’s not a PC cop. It’s a spam cop that guards the door. MT Blacklist prevents the spammer evildoers from posting comments linking to their dubious business endeavors. And so what’s wrong with socialism? Well, at its heart, as you can see, socialism is all about erectile dysfunction. The opiate of the masses, indeed.

  • jk

    I had the same problem and opted for the easy:
    [^o] c i a l i s
    This blocks c i a l i s unless it has an o before it. My Randian commenters were very upset before I changed it.

  • Seppo

    Uh, Mr. Jarvis, could you re-read those posts, perhaps? Your characterization of the comments is pretty peculiar, where is there anything (at least in what I said) about a conspiracy?
    Just an amused comment that the commenting software you use prohibited a common political term, when you are always seeing censorship, especially in the potty-mouth radio world. But not seeing it in what is less disputably protected political speech (don’t hear your criticising McCain-Feingold like you do the FCC).
    You are reading in things that aren’t there, and ignoring things that are. I’m certain you are familiar with the shorthand LOL and its implications as an expression of amusement. Hardly consistent with intimations of conspiracy, is it?

  • Uh, Seppo, go to the doctor and see whether they can reverse that humorectomy. It’s all funny, you see, a bit of hyperbole, a bit of absurdity. Try not to take things too literally, mate. Especially things about erectile dysfunction. Bad for the reputation, you know.

  • Del

    Zeppo, stop digging. ;-)

  • On some other boards, people have used the term “so-boner-pill-ism” instead since the erectile dysfunction word gets blocked.

  • ts

    It seems to me that Seppo is simply pointing out that “they think there’s some vast conspiracy (they can’t decide whether it’s of the left or the right) stopping them” is a knowingly false mischaracterization of the facts. If such were justified whenever couched in humor, Rush Limbaugh really would be as harmless as he claims to be.
    Having an excellent and acute sense of humor myself, I can think of several things you could have written with the same effect that would have been at least as funny without misrepresenting what anyone wrote.