Amber glitch

Amber glitch

: An odd sidelight to the horrific story of a mother murdered in Missouri to get her unborn child is the “glitch” in the Amber Alert system, which caused a delay of hours in getting the word out but nonetheless is credited with finding and saving the child:

Complicating the case was a glitch in Missouri’s Amber Alert system, which Espey said kept him from widely spreading word that someone had kidnapped a newborn.

Authorities initially refused Espey’s request to issue the alert because he could not offer descriptions of the newborn or the abductors, Sgt. Keverne McCollum of the Missouri Highway Patrol’s missing-persons unit told The Post.

“We had a live baby, and I thought that should qualify as an Amber Alert,” Espey said. “The information I was getting was that we didn’t have enough information such as hair color, eye color, skin complexion, size and weight.”

Bureaucrats can be deadly.