The latest FCC FOIAs

The latest FCC FOIAs

: I just filed more Freedom of Information Act requests with the FCC (one of the latest filed with Air America’s Morning Sedition). Now I have four in the works:

: I’m asking for any evidence the FCC has that any Viacom companies and executives knew of Janet Jackson’s breast-baring before it happend. That is, if they were fined and Jackson was not and if the breast-baring was the only crime, then I want to see the evidence that ties Viacom directly to the crime. Due process, you know.

: I asked to see “any documents relating to how the FCC determines the ‘community standards’ it uses as its guideline in determining indecency and profanity complaints against broadcast media — including, but not limited to any surveys, focus group results, research, reports, data or other material.” The FCC says it enforces “community standards.” OK, then how does it know what the community’s standards are?

: I asked to see the nine complaints that triggered the indecency investigation of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. This was Air America’s suggestion.

: I asked to see any correspondence between Brent Bozell and the Parents Television Council and any of the FCC Commissioners (other than any of the thousands of replies to their thousands of manufactured complaints).

You’ll be the first to know what happens. And if you have any more ideas, let me know.