Harvard: Wie sagt Man Blog auf Klingon?

Harvard: Wie sagt Man Blog auf Klingon?

: Omar and Mohammed’s Friends of Democracy, Jim Hake & Co. of Spirit of America, and iUpload revealed the Arabic blogging tool. I write about that here. Please help support it here.

There’s much discussion of language and translation in the international sessions here, of course. Tim Oren just gave a breathtaking VC analysis of the business (which I hope he blogs because I’ll butcher it): machine translation is a tiny business ($100 million); manual translation is a huge business; the real value lies in the corpuses (corpi? translation, please) of the same text in multiple languages to teach the machines; that is quite expensive to do; bloggers could help by creating massive corpuses. Joi Ito talks about the amazing handling of multiple languages at Wikipedia and hopes we can learn from them. A wishlist here.

  • Imagine if cats could drive. You’d be all like ‘Dude, there’s a cat driving that Jeep’, and I’d be all like, ‘Sweet’.
    P.S. My teeth hurt.

  • Jeff – I blogged a version of my MT rant over at Winds. Let me tell you that I am jealous of you journalist types who can listen and write at the same time!

  • More than one corpus = corpora
    Like opus -> opera