FCC — and media — duped by Brent Bozell’s complaint factory

FCC — and media — duped by Brent Bozell’s complaint factory

: First I revealed that the FCC’s largest fine in history was based on only three original letters and now Mediaweek has a great story revealing that up to 99.9 percent of complaints to the FCC come straight from King Prig Brent Bozell‘s self-annointed Parents Television Council.

It’s shocking enough that the FCC has not revealed this on its own and it took a bloggers’ FOIA request to start to reveal the lie. To me, that indicates that the FCC was a knowing accomplice in this; they went along with Bozell’s shock troops because they wanted to.

But here’s the real shocker:

Now go back to every single news story that “reported” floods of outrage and complaint about everything from Janet Jackson’s breast to Howard Stern’s farts to Fox’s whipped cream and discount that by 99+ percent. And now tell me whether that’s a flood of outrage. And, more important, all you news commentators who pontificated about an upsurge of moral values and a shift to cultural conservatism in America, tell me whether you’re going to reexamine the conclusions you jumped to and correct yourselves.

As I said in my original post about the three letters to the FCC, this is like an old Foreign Legion movie in which three soldiers act like three hundred by putting helmets on sticks over the fort’s walls. Only stupid foes fall for that. The FCC and reporters are the stupid foes here.

Here’s what Todd Shields reports in Mediaweek:

In an appearance before Congress in February, when the controversy over Janet Jackson