Hi, neighbor

Hi, neighbor

: The New York Times New Jersey section has a feature by Jonathan Miller about a suburban blogger who happens to be me (it’s not online; The Times doesn’t put its ‘burban sections up). To my neighbors who happen by here as a result, welcome. You’ll find blatherings about media, politics, the FCC and Howard Stern, and whatever else happens by. Stay and chat awhile.

: UPDATE: Jonathan Miller just put up the text of the piece on his blog. Here it is.


  1. Sgtmaj says:

    I keep telling my friends and i do not have many! That they should keep up with thr media,But they keep up with the beer. So much history goes by every day that if you want to know something you have to put down the beer and read and listen to what’s happening,You all put so much work into maybe a small piece and it get’s put down for the dog!Ok Bush said no more troups will go to Iraq it was in his campane promise! What did he do sent 15,ooo more in before he even made it to the secound term all those who voted for Bush do not rember that! So tell your class that people like myself are still interested in what they write or report on matter how small it may be. Plus all my neighbors are a piece of sh….they could not tell me who garfield is! keep going. Charlie

  2. Amy says:

    Cool. I enjoyed getting a little “color” on one of my favorite bloggers.

  3. Bill says:

    High Neighbor!
    I was reading the Times this morning and
    decided to take a look at your site. I appreciate
    the comments your provide.
    See you around town,

  4. tim says:

    great blog and great article in the times. the blog bug just hit me recently and i can’t read enough of them. also started my own. thanks for your hard work calling the fcc on their bs.

  5. Jeff Jarvis says:

    A note: This is my personal weblog and not the place to discuss my job or employer. (Lex and Michael: Enough.)