Celebrating democracy

Celebrating democracy

: What a wonderful column from Nick Kristof today, celebrating the democratic victory in Ukraine. Kristof’s father was from the Urkraine.

Here’s a suggestion for President Bush from the protesters behind the democratic “orange revolution” here: Wear an orange tie.

“If he wore an orange tie, people here would be crying,” said Yuri Maluta, a protester from Lviv. “It would show that the American president supports democracy here.”

The request says something about the lighthearted and pro-American spirit on the streets. Since my father grew up in what is now southwestern Ukraine, I decided to come here to join my people – and I found that waging revolution has rarely been such fun.

Young people enveloped in orange scarves, hats and ribbons alternately chant slogans for freedom, boogie to rock music, eat oranges, warm up and flirt at McDonald’s, and disappear into their downtown “tent city” to make love, not war.

The protest organizers have placed gorgeous young women in the vanguard of confrontations with troops, so the troops will be too dazzled to club them.

Oh, how I love that last note. [Memo to the next Howard Dean: If you want to win Iowa, don’t send in geeks in wacky hats; send in democracy babes.]

  • James

    I seriously think that “WE” should all put on an orange tie, ribbon or lapel pin on to show the people of Ukraine that we care and support their effort. I do not believe that Mr. Bush will.

  • dries

    will you James? please show W how to wear orange instead of generic blue & red. or was your comment just a leftist jab? would kerry wear orange? or ketchup red?
    seriously now, i hope Ukraine will at long last, get a gov’t it deserves, not an ex-commie kleptocracy but something resembling its neighbours to the west, like Poland & Hungary.
    i read that protesters from both sides got along very well ( maybe we ought to learn from those backward eastern-europeans?) and police were mostly “under-utilised”. maybe it was due because of ‘babe factor”? good move anyway!!!

  • It’s Ukraine, not “the” Ukraine.

  • Still less “the Urkraine”, but let’s not be picky.

  • Joe Baby

    I think the Ur-kraine is what Putin was trying to create.

  • Karl

    Yulia Tymoshenko (who largely organized the protests) is Princess Leia. All that’s missing to implement the strategy is the metal bikini.

  • Great job

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