: We’ve had no power on my street since 1 a.m. So I’m sitting, Instalike, at a nearby Panera, which deserves this plug for having free wi-fi. Screw the Starbucks next door!

  • I’m wireless-blogging from the cardiologist’s waiting room, using my new Verizon card. Not as fast as wi-fi, but more pervasive — and it’ll be 512kbps soon.

  • Pete

    Panera definately deserves the plug for the free WiFi. It’s the only reason I ever go there. Hopefully, more businesses will recognize the marketing value of WiFi soon.

  • Panera deserves lots of plugs but it also appears to be filtering content. I posted about this yesterday after I was blocked from Anil Dash’s site: http://www.paidcontent.org/pc/arch/2004_12_02.shtml#011529

  • Amy

    Yeah, Starbucks’ wi-fi charges take the mickey.
    There was a good article in the Seattle P-I back in July:
    Wifi’s on the (coffee) house.