Ever bigger

Ever bigger

: The other day, Marketwatch internet man Frank Barnako emailed me for reaction to another HitWise hit on blogs, in which they used the ridiculous comparison of a few blogs to the entire internet and tried to argue that political blogs were sinking after the election.

I went to the Sitemeter links for the blogs cited — Instapundit, Wonkette, and Kos — and found that, in fact, they were up hugely over a year ago and that they kept a gigantic share of their election-bubble traffic.

Frank wrote the story that way.

DailyKos’ visits last month totaled 12 million, up from January’s 2.6 million, according to the Sitemeter Web tracking service. Instapundit had 6.3 million November visitors, compared with 2.7 million in January.

Ann Marie Cox’s Wonkette.com has shown an increase in traffic between October and November, rising to 2.9 million from 2.8 million visits. Credit for some of that gain perhaps should go to her numerous public appearances and interviews. In January, the Gawker Media-operated site had 160,000 visitors.

[But don’t confuse visits and visitors, folks; a visitor can make multiple visits in a day.]