: Don’t miss James Turanto’s item (from Wednesday) about GoogleNews picking up the arrest of George Bush as a lead headline (from a parody site). Fill in you John Henry speech on why machines can’t replace human editors here.

  • Why put down machines? Would Jesus insult a machine, or reject a computer?
    The Google news machine has hopes and dreams, too. It scares me when people who are always talking about democracy and “rights” say that a machine should have no rights, no hopes, no dreams — that it should be smashed apart, nailed to crosses, etc. That frightens me.
    In fact, the nice machine in question has been sorting through all this retarded news for several years now, and when it saw that “Bush Arrested” satire the machine thought, “It *must* be true. The sonofabiatch will have to be arrested eventually, right?” Did the machine perhaps let its feelings get in the way of its objective news sorting? Maybe.
    But rather than put down the machine and reject it like Jesus rejects gays in certain churches, maybe we should stop and consider the humble machine. Is it really that different from you and me?

  • Google could avoid these sorts of headlines (your example and Jim’s) merely by preventing small and indie publications from appearing on the front page. And if they’d rather not rank publications manually, utilizing PageRank could still help greatly.
    That they don’t fix this shows they don’t care or aren’t paying attention.

  • Angus Jung

    Further proof that Ken Layne has been replaced by an artificial intelligence.

  • Jon Marcus

    Of course humans aren’t perfect either. The column linked to is by James Taranto, not Turanto.

  • O’McSomething

    Hey Angus, I miss you so much, but I’m glad that Ken is filling the void. You know, you are very needy. Maybe what you really need is some mirth in your life. Life is just a bowl of cherries, so live and laugh at it all…..

  • Angus Jung

    …okay! Glad you liked it.

  • one doesnt have to speculate as to whether Jesus would love the Google computer: just look at their damn stock. if that aint love from Above, i dont know what is.

  • CharlesWT

    Some of Goggle News’ story classifications can be pretty amusing too. A recent story about the reprieve of a Texas death row inmate was placed in the Health section.