Kiss Hug Shake hands and make up

Kiss Hug Shake hands and make up

: Glenn Reynolds says:

BACK BEFORE THE ELECTION, Tony Pierce was a bit, er, uncharitable where I was concerned. But that won’t stop me from mentioning his new book. I haven’t read it, but I liked the last one.

I got interviewed by a reporter who’s doing a story on blogs and the election, and who seemed anxious to gin up more conflict between me and Jeff Jarvis than I thought was really there. I do think that a few people got a bit excited for a while. But I see blogs as intensely personal. And just as you’d forgive a friend or relative a bit of overexcitability on a key subject or two, I think you should do the same with fellow-bloggers.

Yes, I forgive you, Glenn. Heh.

: Punchline aside, if we can’t discuss issues with fellow bloggers and disagree and debate, then what good are blogs?