Criticizing the FCC

Criticizing the FCC

: Now here’s the third post quoting critics going after the FCC — at long f’ing last. The latest is James Wolcott (and quoting Jim always causes such… ahem… interesting comments):

In my book, I called for the toppling of Michael Powell at the FCC, whose arrogant, anti-democratic meddling becomes more autocratic with each inflation of his neck size.

I was thinking too small, which is unusual for me.

Jeff Jarvis has a bigger, better idea: abolish the FCC. Get rid of the whole busybody, bureaucratic shebang.

This is a call which can unite liberals, conservatives, and true libertarians–in short, all those who believe the First Amendment and free speech aren’t outmoded ideals that can be breeched whenever some bully behind a desk chooses to exercise his prerogatives and grab face-time on the news. Michael Powell has become a glutton for attention and it’s time to starve him and the rest of the white-collar censors.

Amen, brother it criticism. Let’s say it again: This is a call that [sorry… once a copy editor, always a copy editor] can unite liberals, conservatives, and true libertarians.