Right v. wrong

Right v. wrong

: Just for the record, I’m still contemplating this and this and will likely recast Denton’s sneaky challenge. Later.

  • Michael

    “The guidelines would cover questions such as photo copyright, freebies, pay-to-post deals, editorial tie-ins, paid text links.”
    You also need to establish and make available a PRIVACY POLICY for each blog. Are e-mails being collected from the comments section? Are they shared with anyone? Do I own the copyright to my comments? Under what conditions will my e-mails to the owner be published?
    You should also consider guidelines for blogs to use a form of the Creative Commons license for their content (rather than your “its mine mine mine” attitude). Its much more in line with your vision for a “citizen’s media.”

  • i’d love to see this happen. but it doesn’t go far enough- what happens if someone breaks the rules? there should be some sort of formal process for banishment from the blogworld. and obviously, there should also be double-secret probations, and things like that.
    something no one has mentioned: the gadget blogs often get promo devices to test- if the writer gets to keep them, it could be seen as a bribe. i’d like to see gizmodo and engadget more clearly declare when they’ve gotten something for free, and also have a policy of not keeping stuff they are given.

  • I hope that’s not a comment from Michael Powell.