How do we fight the FCC

How do we fight the FCC

: I’m on David Lawrence’s show right now talking about how we can all fight the FCC. I want to hear your ideas. How do we all tell the FCC to butt out of our culture and get away from our First Amendment?

I’ll file friend-of-the-court brief with any network willing to fight them. I’ll send them call-your-bluff complaints. I’ll file FOIA requests to expose their uninvestigations. I’ve sent letters to my legislators telling them not to vote for the indecent indecency bill when it comes back (in January). What else?

  • steve talbert

    you fight the FCC by not voting for GOP candidates until this all blows over. For those who voted for BC-04… you are reaping what you sowed.

  • steve talbert

    you fight the FCC by not voting for GOP candidates until this all blows over. For those who voted for BC-04… you are reaping what you sowed.

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    you fight the FCC by not voting for GOP candidates until this all blows over. For those who voted for BC-04… you are reaping what you sowed.
    You look up who’s behind the indecency thing (Democrat) and who appointed Powell (Clinton) and then you get your head out of your ass.

  • Tell the rest of us exactly what you think the purpose of the FCC *should* be, how to realistically address the concerns of families, and perhaps come up with a suggestion for a realistic alternative.
    Stop relying on attacks on Michael Powell, and preaching to parents that they should just “change the channel” even though now they’re even being sandbagged in supposedly all-ages events like football games and award shows.

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    … and stop complaining about a silly advert that isn’t as sexy as a Dove soap shower ad.

  • Eileen

    “How do we all tell the FCC to butt out of our culture and get away from our First Amendment?”
    First, take that one little course in constitutional law (or at Least have some protracted discussions with constitutional law professors) so you will understand what IS and what is NOT protected first amendment speech as a starting point. For example, ‘speech’ can also include ‘conduct’. 1st amendment law has evolved over our history; the Constitution is a living, breathing document, not just a simple Bill of Rights and etc. with black and white proscriptions. After taking such a course, you would become a more effective advocate for Realistic solutions and change.
    Recognize that the various networks who have been fined, Stern, et. al., have NOT appealed the rulings for very good Legal Reasons(!). Perhaps they will at some point in the future, but some statutes of limitation for administrative appeals have in all likelihood already expired by now. Don’t you think the networks would be fighting the FCC in frontal assault mode if there was a solid basis for doing so?
    While I might not agree with some of these recent fines (on the face of media reporting) without doing a lot of legal research, I Do recognize the decisions are based on Federal Statutes and Case Law – not just pulled out of thin air based on bias and politics as you would have us believe. The mandate for the FCC to regulate obscenity laws governing both speech and conduct (which is NOT 1st amendment protected speech) date to, I believe, 1927. As you said in an earlier post, maybe you Have arrived ‘a bit late to the party.’
    As I also said in an earlier comment, I think the most effective way to fight the current Commission is to bring pressure to bear on Them in some of the ways you’ve listed.
    I believe the feds (not necessarily via the FCC) WILL take on the internet soon. And perhaps Congress will also expand the purview of the FCC to include satellite and cable in the future. ALL of that would require the passage of federal statutes, so working with your representatives would be instrumental. As you (I believe?) discussed, the Dutch government is already close to shutting down terrorist web sites. Do you think we’re far behind? And, oh yes, there is Plenty of legal authority within existing 1st amendment law (and otherwise) to make it so.
    Given your considerable visibility in the media world, perhaps your efforts Will have an impact as you talk your talk. Not that I always agree with you……
    Lastly please treat us, your readers, with a bit more respect. Stop calling us names or pigeonholing us in demeaning terms when we espouse or represent viewpoints with which you don’t agree. Honey v. vinegar is important in every cause.

  • Dishman

    As I suggested in the previous thread, orchestrate POSITIVE letter campaigns counteracting complaints. Encourage them to move back towards the center.

  • Fcb

    Acording to Steve Clemens at Washington Note, one TV station – WNET – has even refused to air commercials for the new Kinsey movie. Not because of the commercial itself, but because of the content of the movie it advertises, and fear of viewer complaints, possible fines, etc…
    This just seems ridiculous, frankly? Too scared to air a commercial for a biopic of a scientist?

  • In response to the Veterans Day disaster I had posted that viewers should complain about anything even the slightest bit obscene in hopes of forcing the fcc to provide a bright line determination of what can and what can not be aired so that they could not continue to chill free speech.

  • Kat

    Could you also campaign to dismantle the ACLU which restricts free speech more than the FCC? They tell us HOW we must think–politically correct pablum. If you agree to dismantle the ACLU ,I will agree to dismantling the FCC. How can a bunch of leftist judges tell me I must allow my kids to learn about kwanza, ramthedamned, glooscap’s creation theory, greek gods and goddesses, but my kids can’t appreciate their own culture of celebrating Christmas openly, or seeing the 10 Commandments in public? Isn’t that somewhat hypocritical? Isn’t Christianity part of American culture, as much as Stern and sex are?
    Now I must go and put up my Christmas display replete with Christmas music so the ACLU can come and have me arrested.

  • Tim

    I would do what Jeff did and organize equally vast, automated complaint networks and do exactly what all the censor groups want — Force the FCC to enforce its silly rules and push all of this as far along as possible. Get everyone fined! We need more “emperor’s new clothes” momoments, more absurdity, etc to subvert Powell’s imperiousness. (Positive letter writing is a waste, because the FCC is only there to police violations.)
    And if after this the FCC starts ignoring you, take them to court and require them to enforce the law consistently.

  • “Now I must go and put up my Christmas display replete with Christmas music so the ACLU can come and have me arrested.”
    Kat, the first organization to DEFEND your right to put up a Christmas dsplay in front of your house would be the ACLU.

  • Del

    Somehow block Bush’s nominee’s to the courts, especially the Supreme Court – because if he’s allowed to stack the courts with ‘strict constructionists’ this cause is lost. This is why I voted for Kerry, not because I agree with him on everything – but because I felt he, together with a republican senate, would come up with better judges. I think we’re just going to have to hope that the 44 dems in the senate can fillibuster any ‘Scalia clones’ and hope at least Ginsberg and Stevens can hold out till ’08. Then maybe a moderate democrat or moderate republican will win.

  • Kat

    ACLU’s, Witold

  • SoCalBob

    Kat: The argument of the ACLU was: if you allow any group’s symbols to be displayed, eventually some group you don’t like will want their symbols displayed.
    The Allegheny County Commissioners eventually decided that it would be better not to have any displays in the courtyard rather than allowing the KKK to display a cross containing the KKK’s insignia.
    Nobody equated Hitler to Jesus. The ACLU spokesman used the Nazi Party as an example of a group who you wouldn’t like having a display in the courtyard.

  • Kat

    There are hundreds of other examples. Children are forced to observe ramadamn in schools, dress up as muslims, and bonus points for fasting. Muslims are allowed to put up huge ramadamn signs in their stores and give customers the praise be to allah crap. Our stores are afraid to say Merry Christmas and instead call it Happy Holidays. We can’t mention Jesus in schools but are forced to have kids learn about islam. There is something very wrong here. Our kids can’t pray in schools but we have to provide prayer rooms for muslims. Christmas concerts, a part of American culture, can’t have Christmas songs. Handell’s Messiah is taboo. In some schools teachers can’t wear red for a concert . When will my decorations offend the muslim next door and I won’t be able to display them?
    Freedom of speech should mean freedom for me to openly celebrate Christmas, without rules from the ACLU. Why does freedom of speech mean it’s ok to say fuck and not ok to say Jesus or Merry Christmas. Shouldn’t people who are against Christmas not be able to avoid stores advertising Christmas and NOT winter holiday,just as I can avoid Howard Stern by changing the dial? After all the big bucks come from Christmas shoppers. This year I am boycotting all stores who say winter holiday or holiday and not Christmas. I am buying Christmas presents, not holiday ones or winter ones–I hate winter.

  • anonymous

    I believe the mainstream media does not fight FCC fines in court due to fear that the FCC will retaliate against them by not renewing their license. It would be a waste of money for a company to spend millions of dollars to litigate a case to the Supreme Court to avoid paying a small fine only to lose their entire right to broadcast.
    That said, the precedents upholding the FCC

  • RNS

    If the broadcasters are at last afraid of the the FCC and afraid of losing their license, good! It’s about time. However, I seriously doubt they have any fear whatsoever. The FCC has always been stacked with and biased toward the broadcasters, the cable companies and the phone companies. When is the last time the FCC denied a broadcast license or put a phone company or cable company out of business – for any reason, never mind indecency – any reason at all?

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