Media on media on media

Media on media on media

: I’m supposed to be on Aaron Brown’s show on CNN to talk about the backlash to the backlash to Nipplegate.

: I was on Kevin & Bean‘s show on KROQ this morning. The producer gingerly tried to suggest I shouldn’t talk about Howard Stern before the interview. I said I would not agree to that and if you get me, you get Howard. It’s not just loyalty to Stern; Stern is at the heart of this free speech story and I always make the point that we must defend Stern to defend the First Amendment (and not wait until the prigs and prudes and bureaucrats go after “Saving Private Ryan”). To their credit, they went ahead. And it was a good discussion. These guys have been on this issue, too. See this page on their site telling you how to make your reasonable voice heard.

: Also was on Paul Harris’ show on KMOX yesterday and I really like this guy. He’s a blogger and a broadcaster. He put up audio snippets here.

: And I’m supposed to be on the next On The Media.

: Sick of me yet?

Don’t answer that.