F***ing Private Ryan: A complaint to the FCC

F***ing Private Ryan: A complaint to the FCC

: I just filed this complaint to the FCC regarding the F word on “Saving Private Ryan”:

I am filing a complaint regarding the airing of “Saving Private Ryan” on WABC TV in New York between 8 and 11 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 11.

I heard the word “fuck” — or variants of it — three times in one sentence.

I personally believe that the FCC should not be regulating or overseeing speech in any way and should not be in a position to fine speech. I further believe the FCC’s actions in this arena are unconstitutional as is the new indecency legislation about to give you further power to fine.

However, because you have declared that Bono violated the law for saying “fuck” you must find that WABC and every other ABC outlet that aired “Saving Private Ryan” violated the law. There is no difference. Because you have fined Howard Stern far more for what many would argue is far less — even for mere fart sounds — you must fine WABC and other ABC outlets.

You made this bed, FCC. Now lie in it.

I am very serious about this complaint. I am not just making a statement. I am making a formal complaint and believe that you must be consistent in your enforcement of this law and regulation. Yes, I will tell you that I relish your embarrassment at having to fine very ABC outlet that aired “Saving Private Ryan” for every instance of a “bad” word or deed. I relish the opportunity to point out the absurdity and Constitutional offensiveness this law and of your inconsistent enforcement. And thus, I file this complaint with all seriousness. I received no reply to a prior complaint I filed against Oprah Winfrey for the same alleged sins that brought Howard Stern huge fines. I expect a reply to this complaint.


Jeffrey Jarvis

The FCC has received other complaints [via LostRemote]

I urge you to send your own complaint to the FCC along the same lines — force their hand. It doesn’t matter if you just cut-and-paste mine; that’s what most complaints to the FCC look like. So here’s the address: fccinfo@fcc.gov.

: Also… I just got a response to my Freedom of Information Act request on another FCC action and I’ll give you that Buzzmachine Exclusive (drum roll, please) in a day or two.

: These meddlesome moms even turned their complaint factory into an online form revealing just what a crock this really is. Get a load of the organization behind this: They’re trying to create a stink about P&G recruiting homosexuals, teaching creationism, abortion, you name it.

Sane, mainstream Americans stand up and fight this fringe! Don’t let them set the agenda! Show just how absurd their crusade is! They would censor what you can say and hear. Don’t let them! Force the FCC into a corner show reveal just how offensive their offense is!