Rove tears up resume

Rove tears up resume

: CBS calls Florida for Bush. Looking like four more, eh?

: NBC wins the castration award. Hasn’t called Florida yet.

: Frank Catalano at LostRemote says ABC was first, then CBS, now the AP. NBC and CNN holding back.

: CNN just called Florida.

: NBC just called Colorado for Bush. Still no Florida call.

: And NBC just called Florida.

That’s what I call foreplay.

  • Lee

    the folks who filed absentee ballots (reportedly 1 million) inn FL are wanting their votes to count, too.

  • MSNBC waited until they had 98% of precincts reporting from Florida before calling it, yet wanted to call Colorado with only 60-odd percent, with a smaller margin.
    There’s still a chance Hawaii might make the difference, and you could obligate yourself to cover the story at the scene :)

  • John

    Yeah, I think the media would enjoy the presidency hanging on a 45-day election ballot recount in Hawaii. Even after it was over, the reporters on-site would probably want to start their own recount investigation that would last at least through the Spring thaw. :-)