Aaron Brown buzz

Aaron Brown buzz

: I’m told that Aaron Brown just read my Pledge on CNN.

It made Joe Territo do a spit-take with his Sam Adams.

Jim Treacher says in a comment below: “Aaron Brown just read your pledge on the air. It probably took him longer to say it than it did for you to type it.”

Many nice folks are sending me email to let me know. Thanks.

I’m delighted. Spread the pledge. Who better to do it than Aaron Brown?

: UPDATE: The amazing Staci Kramer, now of PaidContent.org, backs up her buffer and transcribes what Aaron said:

We’ve long lamented the coming of the day when nobody, nobody, will listen to or entertain an idea different from their own. We’re more than halfway there already, it seems. Part of the passion animating this campaign derived from taking the country back,