Sick and evil

Sick and evil

: Once again, sick and evil Palestinian terrorists send a child to kill and be killed.

  • Bill

    And the oh-so-civilized Israelis send 19 year olds in uniform to shoot that Palestinian kids’ siblings and cousins.
    State vs individual terrorism — not surprising you Americans, being the world experts on the former kind, would sympathize with the brutal Jews

  • Faramin

    Is it sick? You bet it is. But so is the killing of so many Palestinian children by the Israeli army: a sickness that doesn’t draw your attention. ANY killing of civilians is sick, not just Israeli civilians.
    The constant double standards towards human tragedies is just so sickening.

  • Since the Palestinians war against Israel is funded by the Saudi, Syrian and Iranian states, Palestinian terrorism could be called state terrorism.
    Whatever you call it, it is a war between Israel and the surrounding states, not a local conflict over land, water rights and olive groves. Traditionally, Islamist states target children and innocents, and they use children as cannon fodder. That’s how they fight.

  • James Stephenson

    I love those Kerry supporters blaming Israel.
    Israel is the only functioning Democracy in the Middle East. The West bank was won when the Middle East was planning on attacking Israel. 2000 years ago, only Jews and Romans lived in the land that is now Israel, yet it is the Palestinians that you think should own the land?

  • The brutal jew, the brutal jew. They should take a lesson from the pacifist europeans and arab nations. pshaw.
    As far as Israeli security measures go, I offer this quote by Albert Camus to bring some context to the situation (as the majority of Israelis would take the necessary steps towards peace with the Palestinian people if only it were a real option):
    “I believe in justice. But I will defend my mother before justice.”

  • that is horrible. very horrible. i also think it is horrible for george bush to send an eighteen year old american to kill and be killed for oil in iraq.
    it is tempting to pretend that pure evil and pure good exist. everything is in flux. it is only a matter of degrees. you may want to take issue with the people who recruit suicide bombers without recognizing the fact that americans soldiers, too, are sent to kill and be killed.
    but, ah, you may say “no, americans soldiers weren’t sent to kill. they were sent to protect oil fields.” maybe you’re right about that, hum?
    incidentally, i would never take a pledge like that. luckily, i don’t know many people who would take that sort of pledge.

  • brandy

    “Israel is the only functioning democracy in the Middle East”
    Only if you regard a racially-based democracy (like the pre-1994 one in South Africa) as “functional”.
    You say that 2000 years ago only Romans and Jews lived in what is now Israel. There are two points: (i) According to the Torah and the Bible this is not true; and (ii) If 2000 years ago there were only “red Indians” in the USA, does this give them the right to deny all other more recent arrivals their democratic rights?

  • Claire

    Whew! The Jew-haters are coming out of the woodwork here, aren’t they?
    This 16-year-old ‘kid’ is considered an adult in his society, and indeed in most of the societies of the world. His mother thought the terrorists should have ‘sent someone older’; obviously, she believes suicide bombers are doing the right thing, but she just didn’t want it to be her son. Hopefully he was her only child and her particularly brand of anti-survival behaviors will be removed from the gene pool.
    For all the cries of ‘the Israelis are killing Palestinian children’, I say that it is the fault of the Palestinians, not the Israelis. Check out the international news networks, or even the sympathetic arab news stations, and what do you see? If you look carefully, you will see video of Palestinian militants setting up bombs, setting up weapons, firing from behind buildings or piles of rubble. And what is in the background? Groups of children, teenagers, and even mothers with babies. Why? The Palestinians do it deliberately, because then when these ‘innocent civilians and children’ are killed, they can point at the Israelis and cry, “See! See! They murder children!”
    Don’t take my word for it. Go check it out yourselves, in the media sympathetic to the ‘poor Palestinians’.
    Are there Palestinians who don’t support terrorism and murder, and who would be willing to consider a peaceful settlement with Israel with mutual survival? Certainly there are, but I suspect that they keep that information very, very quiet, for fear of being killed by their own people as ‘sympathizers’ or ‘collaborators’.