It will feel so good when it stops hurting

It will feel so good when it stops hurting

: I can’t wait until this election is over. I just pray that it’s quick, for I’ve had it with all the spit and bile and venom. People are getting their last spits in everywhere. The tone of the comments today is particularly off-its-meds (I’ve killed some posts and I won’t hesitate to kill more, by the way). I fear a crescendo of nastiness online and on the talk shows and in the bars over the next 36 hours. But then let’s hope it quiets down. It won’t go away, but at least it can quiet down. As I said below, I am prepared to support (and also criticize) either man when the election is done. I just want it done.

  • Jesse

    Agreed, the amount of sleaze and nastiness is getting unbearable. I’m tempted to not read a newspaper, visit the web or watch the news until Wednesday AM. Alright who am I kidding.
    But is there any hope for 2008 and beyond? Isn’t it safe to say that it’s only going to get worse, much worse in the campaigns to come?

  • paul a’barge

    Let’s hope that GWB, a decent, loving man wins.
    We now know that John Kerry was initially given a less-than-honorable disccharge from the Navy and got Jimmy Carter’s administration to change the record. This from a guy who forged wounds to get 3 Purple Hearts so he could get out of Viet Nam in 3 months.
    Pray Kerry doesn’t get elected. The “Impeach Kerry” efforts will be started before the guy ever takes the oath of office.

  • Kat

    Michael Moore will be there to hold Kerry’s hand and gawk in admiration at how tanned and sexy Osama looked in his latest threat. This kind of garbage makes me realize how much I despise John Kerry and the Democrats simply because they have allowed human garbage like Moore to speak for them..

  • John

    Moore exposed some truths that your president wanted to hide from you. That makes him garbage? Free your mind…

  • Rachel

    Free our minds…to think only the way you think?

  • DC

    Free my mind? Sorry mate, Michael Moore’s truth is a matter of deception and opinion. It takes more than a fat man with a betamax and lots of visual tricks to convince me.
    Besides, whatever gave you the impression that the truth would set you free?