Podcasting by satellite

Podcasting by satellite

: Lost Remote tells us that XM Satellite is going to come out with a device that includes a hard drive. This is the promise of podcasting already: As Doc said, the iPod is merely the prototype for a platform; it’s really about getting whatever stuff you want whenever and wherever you want it. This new device extends that capability. The next device will be two-way and on-demand.

Too bad it won’t get Howard.

  • Anthony Cumio

    >>> Too bad it won’t get Howard.
    no… but it will get opie and anthony. an actual funny morning show. was a HUGE stern fan 5 years ago… but he’s done. hollywood howie is a has been.
    much love –
    hoo hoo, robin… i invented satellite radio.

  • MattB

    I’ll 2nd Ant’s comment. I was going to buy an XM receiver last week, but when I realized that it couldn’t be self powered (so I could listen at my bus stop), it only came with a car power adaptor, and the home adaptor required me to spend another $70 on an accessory pack, I decided to wait. If this walkman contraption is for real, I’ll buy it as soon as it’s available.