Must-link TV

Must-link TV

: John Battelle adds onto the lunchtime discussion of exploding TV at Fred’s place and also inspired by the Jon Stewart BitTorrent phenom, he says:

You don’t want to make “Must See TV” – you want to make “Must Point To TV”. Television will be driven by the conversation, just as will print.

Absolutely. I’d says it rolls off the keyboard a bit better to call it “must-link TV” or even “must-link media.”

Long ago, when Clay Skirky and I saw AOL’s blogging tool, we told the team there that “it’s not content until it’s linked.”

That will be one way you’ll find what’s worth your time in the future: You’ll still go to brands you trust (formerly known as networks) but you’ll also go to the things recommended to you by those you trust.

Trust will the organizing principle of media. It’s not now, but it will be.