The real game

The real game

: The best replay I heard of last night’s amazing Yankees/Sox game (not that I tend to hear much sports, mind you) was Artie Lang regaling the Stern show this morning with tales of the angry, drunken, desperate Yankee fans in the stands. That’s what we need: coverage from the stands, from the fan’s eyes, not from the dehumidified, dehumanized confines of a broadcast booth.

  • ken

    Whoa there, boss. Let’s not get crazy. That sort of thing might be nice AFTER the game as local color, but if I tune into the game, the last thing I want is some chucklehead thinks-he-knows-it-all local yammering away the entire time. It’s bad enough that the actual announcers (and this is more true in football) who KNOW what they’re talking about and have producers feeding them every stat known to mankind don’t shut up. What we REALLY need is a CSPAN for sports. Keep all the technological advancements in camera work, but keep the chatter down to a minimum.

  • Mike

    Well, nothing could be worse than Tim McCarver or scooter, although I don’t think I would want to hear Artie’s analysis on a regular basis either.

  • Ken – a good idea is to just turn down the volume. =)
    The game last night was insane – I actually expected it to be delayed for at least half an hour by the rowdy Yankee fans throwing things onto the field.

  • Huh?

    Yes, because no professional broadcaster could possibly comment from an evil, dehumanizing… booth!

  • ed

    They should just turn the whole thing over to Al Leiter. Joe Buck has gotten annoying and pompous since he became Mr. Fox Sports and Tim McCarver is a little dated. Al Leiter at least brings some intelligence and information to the broadcast.

  • Penschool

    Yeah, this year’s baseball commentary really stinks…wait…hold on a minute…oh, that’s right…there’s an election and a war in Iraq to worry about….

  • Ironchef

    “angry, drunken, desperate Yankee fans ”
    Could’ve just said Yankee fans. The rest is implicit.

  • Fox has the worst announcers ever.
    Scooter is as bad if not worse than the Microsoft Paperclip.

  • Drew W

    From James Wolcott’s blog today:
    Twice, the umpires set aside their professional egos, practiced true collegiality, erased a mistake, and did the right thing, risking the wrath of Yankee fans. Think how rare that’s been in the Bush-Cheney years, admitting error and correcting it–taking the right stand after making the wrong stand.
    Back in days of yore — 20 or so years ago — one good reason to read Wolcott was that he seemed too smart and interesting to indulge himself in attempts to score the sort of silly, hectoring partisan points as he does above. Instead of clicking on his blog today, I should’ve probably just sought out the collected op-eds of Jane Smiley . . .

  • Cog

    Go visit Offwing Opinion at Scroll down the left side for from the stands reporting from all 4 major sports and links to the mainstream columnists.
    Kind of like the instapundit of the sports blogging world.

  • I wonder how many Americans will change their vote to Kerry if Boston wins. Or maybe we will see the candidates endorse teams in order to get the drunken sports fan contingent to support them. The public is ignorant enough to think the series matters that much. What an awful distraction!

  • Joe Baby

    Anyone who changes their vote because of the MLB ought to be euthanized and sterilized, in that order.

  • J.R.

    Pat, that likely will not happen considering that Kerry has mentioned that he would rather win the Presidency than see the Red Sox win the series. I realize that it is a rather stupid, inane, and almost insulting comparison, but diehard Sox fans will remember that.
    And given Kerry’s other sports gaffes (one being saying that Eddie Yost was his favorite Sox player, a guy who never played for the Sox), I doubt any true sports fan would let their vote be swayed because of Kerry, unless it’s to vote for Bush.

  • Jeff – in the UK they have ‘mobile phone fans’. Radio stations, (maybe TV too now??) call a fan up and they give their picture of the game at half time and full time – in between beer and pies. Works very well whenever I’ve heard it on Radio 5 live.

  • Jack Tanner

    ‘I wonder how many Americans will change their vote to Kerry if Boston wins.’