Money makes ze ‘sphere go around

Money makes ze ‘sphere go around

: Wow. Just got my AdAge this week and I see a major story about bloggers making money via BlogAds, listing the top draws with their weekly rates: Kos at $13,250, Josh Marshall at $10k, Atrios at $6k, Sullivan at $5,600, Wonkette at $4k (which, of course, doesn’t include the ads Denton sells first). Note that Instapundit is not on that list — because his rates are too low (and he’s holding down the rates others can charge as a result… hint, hint). Damn AdAge for not putting the story online for all to see…..

  • Ironchef

    So are you going to?

  • Missing antecedent.

  • The same information is here:
    He found it in a symposium being hosted here:

  • Michael

    Well, money doesn’t have to make the blogosphere go ’round. Sure would be nice to see this “citizen’s media” thrive on a model that isn’t tied to the accumulation of capital.

  • Don Mynack

    And Sullivan still has the cojones to run a “Pledge Drive” every six months so he can defray “bandwidth costs”. What a crock. More like defraying the cost of a circular driveway for one of his 3 houses.

  • Don:
    Sullivan says in the story that he is thinking about switching to ad support from reader support (which you’d know if I could link to or quote from the story; sorry).

  • Tom

    Aren’t those rates (probably most specifically Kos’) inflated because of the election season? I know he states on BlogAds that he’s charging a higher amount through Election Day.

  • Tom

    And aren’t Sullivan’s fundraising numbers somewhere in the six-figure area?

  • That’s ridiculous. $13,250/week to have an ad on DailyKos?
    Further proof that people have more money than brains.
    Honestly, how many people here can say they have truthfully, honestly READ ads on the sides of blogs, let alone clicked on them, and followed through to a purchase?
    Hint: If you say you have, you’re probably full of poo poo :P

  • Clearly, the big winner is Henry Copeland. I’m suprised that more ad serving networks haven’t sprung up. It’s a fairly simple business model and would be easy to compete with BlogAds by undercutting their percentage take.

  • Speaking as someone who just managed a pretty hefty sized ad campaign on blogads, if properly targeted there is much bang for the buck. Especially on Wonkette.

  • Especially on Wonkette.

    lol – cute. :P
    But seriously, I took (1) marketing class in college and I have to figure blogad “penetration rates” (or whatever) have got to be similar to mass mailings (ala Karl Rove) but, wth does that mean anyway? I mean, is it considered a success if you get 1 $100 purchase per 1,000 views? And how many viewers of a blogad does it take to get those 1,000 click-throughs? 100,000? How many viewers need to regularly look at a site to then actually “notice” a blogad? 500,000? $13,250/week is not money I could easily justify for the numbers I just picked out of the air.
    I’ll be the first to admit I’m no marketing guy, but I’d like to think I’m not stupid either – and this just doesn’t seem to fly with me. Then again, I never got the allure of “marketing” in the first place – if you buy a product b/c of some ad you saw in a magazine or on TV, I’d argue you’re an uneducated purchaser, granted, blogs are a bit more targeted – but not when Sullivan is selling Ann Coulters latest and greatest.
    In any case, with the recent “bias” kick, here’s mine for this topic: I think marketers are a bunch of con-artists. I understand the ‘art’ of it, but in reality the whole practice is nothing more than spin. Apply that to the political realm, and I think Mr. Jarvis would agree with me.

  • Carson Bee

    It’s funny that Sullivan didn’t mention that he’s bringing in $250K a year off ads when he was running his annual “please support this blog so I can keep the quality up …”
    Atrios probably has to give his take back to Soros — or maybe he works for a base rate plus whatever he can get in tips.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    FAT KID:
    I have followed a link on Instapundit on some of the artwork featured in the ads.
    If I wasn’t a total cheapskate I’d probably buy something from there.
    I followed a link once a few years ago and bought blank CDR’s from a website (CDR’s were expensive when they first came out). Online ads DO work.

  • Mumblix – thanks for responding! OK, so lets look at this, you’ve clicked (a) link off instapundit – a site that gets how many hits per day? Add that to at least the traffic Jeff gets per day and you’ve got a big number (assuming, for arguments sake, that you don’t read any other blogs beside these two). Do you *really* think that gives *any* king of return per $ spent for an advertiser? Honestly. $13,250 for ONE FRIGGIN WEEK. Not a month, not a quarter, not a year, one week.
    *shakes head*

  • Michael

    fat kid – from an advertiser’s standpoint, there’s value in the impressions, as well as the click-throughs. just seeing the ad is often good enough, even if you don’t act on it.
    (that’s what they think; not me)

  • My blog just got its first big traffic spike due to links from the Corner and Volokh. I don’t get anywhere near enough traffic to have ads but I found the click-through rates during the spike to be interesting (by “click-through rates” I mean the percentage of people who left the immediate entry point to explore further within the site). About 1 in 10 people chose to navigate to the next post. Even less chose to navigate to the home page. About 1 in 500 left a comment.
    I would expect the click-through rate of blog ads to be significantly lower than any of these numbers. Does anyone have any hard stats on this?

  • pp

    Sullivan only started his blogads recently (past two months???)

  • pp says:

    Sullivan only started his blogads recently (past two months???)

    This may be true if you only count ads from, but he’s had advertising for much longer. When he was doing his “Bookclub” thing, he was affiliated with Amazon. No doubt, every link to the book went through the Amazon affiliate program. I remember that he used to brag about his bookclub books rising into the top 10 on Amazon’s list.
    All this to say that Mr. Sullivan has been making money on advertising for some time.

  • fatkid – you do realize that the $13,250 figure is a total of the ads running right? Not just one ad.

  • Nope. Didn’t realize that. :D That makes *much* more sense – thanks for the clarification. I’m going back to my corner now…