Mud media

Mud media

: I had some fun on CNBC’s Capitol Report tonight. The peg was election rage: all the nastiness that Michelle Malkin listed today (can’t find a Post link) plus attacks on the other side.

I kept trying to find and take the high road on the show. I said we can’t judge the electorate by a few hotheads and lunatics. Nonetheless, I said, this election is more negative in the sense that people are voting against rather than voting for. Bush is no Reagan for the Republicans; Kerry is no Clinton for the Democrats. The host said that each side is trying to get votes out of fear of the other side. Right.

They tried to say it’s all about Iraq. I said that’s too simplistic. There are many more issues here.

I said the problem is that we’re treating each other as enemies when we have a real enemy to fight.

They tried to blame bloggers for the Bush-box-on-his-back story. I said we’re on major media right now and we’re wasting time talking about this crap instead of issues.

Have no idea how it came off; no tape of it at home. I’m not soliciting reviews (I know I talk fast…. but I did talk slower). In any case, it was a fun segment.