We have a guest

We have a guest

: If he can get is visa, Salam Pax is America-bound.

  • paladin

    Oh, goody!

  • button

    You know I enjoy Salam, but this may not be a propitious time for him to enter the US because of the election.
    And Tom Whatz-Hiz-Name from Homeland Security may not deem Salam a good security risk.
    And what if some nutjob decides to wack Salam for being critical of the US?
    The Suits in DC may not go for this just at the moment. And some of the outcome of the matter may go further up the chain to some Security Agency besides Homeland, which we’ll never hear about and is not subject to petition… like Cosmic Top Secret…
    Maybe we could send him to Area 51 for safekeeping.