Web 2.0: Mitch Kapor

Web 2.0: Mitch Kapor

: Kapor says he’s going to tell us “how technology can fix a broken political system. ”

He says the Jefferson, Hamilton, et al would be horrified with a corrupt system today: too many lobbyists, too much secrecy.

“Investing inside the Beltway has great returns, VC-level returns.” Agricultural subsidies return on agricultural lobbying at 200-to-1.

“We were never meant to have a highly centralized government,” he says. I don’t know Kapor’s politics. Libertarian? Aha. He just said, “The Dean campaign, which ended all too soon.”

I’ve talked about technology today as an analog for media: transparency and open-source ethics. Kapor is talking about similar needs for government: participation and transparency.

“I’m heartened that the community of bloggers of both views, left and right, have begun to hold politicians and media more accountable.”

  • Vicar

    I would have to do some digging, but both Jefferson and Hamilton seemed to push towards centralized government. Jefferson made some downright unconstitutional moves in office, but ‘for a good cause.’ Hamilton differed only in how far to go. I suspect overall you are correct about their take on corruption – the special interest lobbying successes are an embarrassment to all of us, and are the root of many of the problems with this system. Both war and corn get unusual emphasis based on their financial benefactors.
    It’s still a pretty good system for one that is designed to have everyone engaging in selfish behavior with the expected result being the greater good of the whole. Too bad you can’t have a system based on decent people, but if you lack the materials I suppose there is no point to creating the product.
    Corruption today, however, blows away what our founding fathers encountered. How technology is supposed to fix this I cannot imagine. The only thing the information highway seems to be doing is speeding up misinformation and letting angry people give long and frequent rants that they would never be able to deliver in person. I miss the accountability you get in person, when going too far too often is penalized.