Web 2.0: Kim Polese

Web 2.0: Kim Polese

: She introduces her new company, SpikeSource. “What happens when Web 2.0 meets enterprise IT.” She lists entire countries now kicking Microsoft out to go open source. She says companies are moving to run their entire operations on open source. The nirvana of object-oriented, reusable software has arrived.

“Web 2.0 arrived when demand began to supply itself.”

She says IT guys are the unsung heroes of corporations. They are bringing in open source. But they are “drowning in component choices.”

The rules of open source: nobody owns it, everybody can use it, and anybody can improve it.

“Innovation is moving to a new lawyer.”

“What kind of company assembles software that Ford did for cars or Dell did for hardware… well, we do.” Aha. The point. They are building an automated system for assembling software.

The company has been in incubation at Kleiner Perkins for 18 months. She came on as CEO two months ago. They are coming out of stealth mode today. They are going live with a public beta in December.

She says there will be a time when any application you can conceive of — even an airline reservation system — can be built from open-source software elements.