Web 2.0: From the labs

Web 2.0: From the labs

: Peter Norvik, director of search quality at Google and the most casually dressed presenter, says they don’t have beautiful labs like fellow speakers IBM and Microsoft. “For us at Google, labs are a state of mind more than a state of real estate.”

Google shows some stuff about machine translation of languages and word clusters. He has someone shout out a suggestion for a cluster search: George Bush. High on the list of words associated with that is “chimp.” The laughter rolls across the audience as it’s discovered.

: Jim Spohrer of IBM talks about the company’s plan to start a discipline in “service science.” I get it that the world economy is now based on service over goods. I’m not sure I get what service science is.

: Rick Rashid from Microsoft shows advances in mapping, including a data base that allows people to share geocoded images.

He also shows Wallop, which allows neat interaction in communities. Unfortunately, it’s still closed. Can’t wait to play with it.