Web 2.0: Craig et al

Web 2.0: Craig et al

: Craig Newmark of Craig’s List comes out with his CEO, Jim Buckmaster. “I’m going to be spokesmodel to exploit my George Costanza-like glamour.”

Buckmaster says it’s a site where people “ask Craig to help them with their everyday lives.” He also said it’s “the ultimate newcomers’ guide.”

Craig stands next to Buckmaster… on a milk carton.

They’ve hired their first PR person.

He introduces Craig: “The topic of our talk tonight is something about nerd values and speaking of nerds….”

A simple screen (html, no powerpoint) says:

lessons learned

: nerd values, the golden rule, a culture of trust

: a public commons, community of self-moderation, extreme user-centrism

: the ironies of unbranding, demonetizing & uncompeting

: social capital – the importance of user success sories

: appropriate technology and other lesons from open source

: a litmus test of light-weight business models

: stepping off the treadmill of internet time

Buckmaster: “users run the site for us.”

They are charming, easygoing, droning, nerdy, unassuming guys. And they are doublehandedly revolutionizing an industry — namely, the local advertising industry, aka newspapering.