Michael Powell can kiss my Constitutional ass

Michael Powell can kiss my Constitutional ass

: In today’s LA Times story on Howard Stern’s move to satellite (via IWantMedia), there’s this maddening bit:

FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell, who has spent quite a bit of time policing Stern, suggested that his departure from the public airwaves might be a good thing.

“Satellite radio is one of the many technologies that the commission is strongly promoting to expand the diversity of choices for the American public,” Powell said in a statement. “It is not surprising that notable performers and journalists are turning to a medium that allows them to paint with a broader palette.”

Cut to the essence: This is government meddling in content and free speech.

The reason Stern is leaving broadcast is because of the harassment and fines from the FCC. The FCC forced Stern off broadcast to satellite.

Forget Powell’s efforts to act as if this is about a natural evolution of media. It is the direct result of Powell’s own actions.

And that’s not the way things could be. It is none of Michael Powell’s — or the FCC’s or Congress’ or the White House’s — damned business to manage and manipulate what the content should be. That is speech and it is meant to be free and is protected by the Constitution.