Web 2.0: Dave Sifry Technorati infoporm

Web 2.0: Dave Sifry Technorati infoporm

: Dave Sifry gives us our fix of infoporn. Dave gives goooood PowerPoint.

They’re now tracking 4.1 million bloggers. The median time from post to Technorati listing is 7 minutes. As Esther Dyson said yesterday, this adds the vital factor of time to Internet connections. Google becomes dynamic and connected.

Dave says the web is the “exhaust of a person’s attention stream.” I thought it but the guy next to me said it: “Isn’t that a fart?”

He shows a chart of the blogosphere doubling and doubling again and again. The slowest that it has doubled is very five months.

New blogs are being created at a rate of 12,000 a day.

Big news: English is no longer more than half of the blogosphere.

Abandonment rates are at 45 percent.

He shows a chart of spikes of the volume of posting. Big spikes for the convention; big spike for the beheading of Nick Berg. A spike not as big is the Dean Scream. Another big story is the Kryptonite lock story.

He shoes the chart he has shown before comparing the influence of big media vs. bloggers. Bloggers are rising up the list. Can’t read the specifics on the screen.

Corporate bloggers are proliferating: Micrososft, media sites, Sun, SAP, Macromedia, blogging companies, Oracle are the biggies. There are only about 5,000 today.

He finds the RSS adoption rate in blogging is low: about 31 percent. Only about 28 percent of those RSS feeds are full-text. But… He finds that the greater influence you have (that is, the more links to you), the greater the chance that you will have an RSS feed. Attention breeds attention.

He said Socialtext integrated Technorati into its wikis.