Kerry takes the Global Test; Bush fails him

globaltest_1001.jpgKerry takes the Global Test; Bush fails him

: I knew that Bush would waste no time rubbing Kerry’s generous nose in the concept of a “global test.” The Bush campaign just released a new commercial. My transcription:

:He said he’s attack terrorists who threaten America. But at the debate, John Kerry said America must pass a ‘global test’ before we protect ourselves. The Kerry Doctrine: A Global Test. So we must seek permission from foreign governments before protecting America? So America will be forced to wait while threats gather? President Bush believes decisions about protecting America should be made in the Oval Office, not foreign capitols.

I could call that restrained. I’m half surprised they didn’t paste up a picture of Jacques Chirac and call him Kerry’s boss.

Meanwhile, on Kerry’s site, his followup to the debate on this topic:

The threat of terrorism demands alliances on a global scale – to utilize every available resource to get the terrorists before they can strike at us. As president, John Kerry will lead a coalition of the able – because no force on earth is more able than the United States and its allies.

What the heck does that mean? The able are able? Get this man an adman.

: UPDATE: I’m watching Bill Maher’s show on rerun. He thinks Bush was no worse than he ever is and that Kerry was too nice. “John Kerry’s position on the war is ‘foreigners like me better.'”

Tucker Carlson says: “I’m not convinced that all people want freedom as much as we think they want it.”

Now that is the opinion of a guy in a bow tie.

: Next Carlson says that a reporter has the right to report the “truth” even if it endangers troops.

Bow tie’s tied too damned tight.