Tina, you snob – Chapter II

Tina, you snob – Chapter II

: The other day, I snapped back at Tina Brown for being snotty to bloggers. I did it again on her very own air, when I was interviewed on CNBC. And now I see that she’s still at it, so I’ll continue. Today Rush Limbaugh gives us a partial transcript [via IWantMedia] of Tina’s CNBC show, in which she continues the non-sequitorial attack on bloggers.

What bothers me slightly, though, about the way the bloggers have almost become like the media Mujahideen, you know. I mean, in a sense it’s like everybody feels so chased by them. I mean, look what happened in a sense: CBS had the same kind of campaign for that — for their Janet Jackson Super Bowl debacle and for their Ronald Reagan miniseries. I mean, it’s the third time, in a sense, that CBS management has been completely kind of, you know, harassed.

She’s treating bloggers like filthy masses, like fringe nuts. And she’s ignoring that what they attacked CBS for in the Rathergate case was a horrible journalistic error, not a titanian tit.

  • BigFire

    Why waste the use of your brain cells on this never-been? Tina has only ran a couple of magazines into the ground (something you’ll never hope to do in your lifetime). It’s not that she has anything intelligent to say.

  • Walter E. Wallis

    I must admit to puzzlement at accepting 5 minutes of simulated intercourse but being upset by a couple of seconds of second rate tit.
    Perhaps if Tina were to show us her tits, her readership might pick up.

  • praktike

    FWIW, I suspect that most bloggers actually are a little strange. Spending this much time in front of a computer simply isn’t normal behavior.

  • They think they have tenure. It is deeply unnerving to the media mighty that a man they never heard of, who perhaps runs a small fuel oil company in Indiana, could potentially undo them without breaking any of society’s laws.

  • Axeman

    Like, I mean, she’s so, in a sense, kind of, you know, in a sense, sort of confused.

  • Are you claiming bloggers aren’t on the fringes? C’mon!

  • Oliver: Are you saying you’re on the fringe, then?

  • As far as interest in the political system? Yes. 99% of Americans have no idea what the hell is going on in their country, Dem or Republican.

  • Dexter Westbrook

    Tina Brown? Was she the “movie star” actress on Gilligan’s Island?
    Better to give a column to Harold Evans. Better journalist, thinker, graphic designer. Tina Brown is a good publicist, mostly of herself. That’s all.

  • How could you expect anything less. Its just blathering. Nobody listens to her. Most people dont even know who she is. Especially here in Atlanta she is unknown. More people here know Al Sharpton if that tells you anything. Her metro ratings are less than Mcenroe (thats the truth)..the local reps make a joke about her audience size.

  • mistercalm

    It just strikes me that the MSM is pissed because it cannont lie with impunity anymore. Say, ten years ago, the MSM fabricated a story: Jeff knew it, I knew it, you knew, and, especially, THEY knew it, but we couldn’t link to one another. Oooops! Technology moves on!

  • Saggy, yes, titanian, no.

  • 99% of Americans have no idea what the hell is going on in their country, Dem or Republican
    Oliver, you’re talking to bloggers here, not some know-nothing like Tina Brown. Where are the links, facts, research, etc. to back your claim up?