Kill TV

Kill TV

: I don’t know much about spectrum and all that (and at last night’s Dan Gillmor, event, I saw someone who really does: David Isenberg) but on the way home I read in Wired that only 12 percent of Americans now get TV through an antenna. Could that be: Just 12 percent?

So I wondered: Shouldn’t we just kill off broadcast TV soon?

Imagine what we could do with all that friggin’ spectrum, no?

We could provide wires to that 12 percent (or they’ll die off by then).

And TV — along with any other form of communication, entertainment, content, or media — will be delivered by high-speed wireless bandwidth to any number of devices, set in the home or mobile.

Today, kids don’t know that difference between broadcast and cable. Soon, they won’t know the difference between wired and wireless. Everything will be delivered on demand.

And by the way, there goes the problem with the F word and titanian tits: You pick what “comes into your home” to watch and you don’t have to worry about being corrupted by broadcast radio or TV.