Technorati’s ills

Technorati’s ills

: Dave Sifry explains why Technorati has been down all weekend: a fire in the hosting facility caused one mean game of dominos. I have complete sympathy, having been hosed similarly by the big New York blackout a year ago. And I also see that Dave is going to the obvious next step already: new disaster and back-up plans (we’ve just finished implementing ours). I’m utterly addicted to Technorati and I’ve been shaking and quaking with chills and sweats without it.

: UPDATE: It’s back. The data appears to be a little out-of-date; I’m guessing it came from a back-up. But that should catch up soon.

  • Thank you very much for posting that. I’ve been in withdrawl myself and had no clue what was keeping them locked.

  • Miu

    I was wondering what happened. All of a sudden, it was if my blog didn’t exist.

  • Jeff, thanks for getting the word out. What a crazy weekend.