Just asking

Just asking

: I haven’t seen anyone else asking this but I’ve been wondering lately…

Would the Democrats be better off with Al Gore as their candidate?

There’d be less mud; one presumes (hopes) that was to be slung was slung last time.

Gore has a clearer record and stronger accomplishments and clearer stands. Those stands are in starker contrast to Bush’s (including on the war, where Gore has become rather, well, vitriolic).

And for sport, both sides would probably relish the rematch of Florida 2000 (while most of us would probably sooner forget it). But at least that would bring out voters eager to prove that their man was the true winner; it’s like voting in two elections at once.

When you get right down to it, Gore has more personality than Kerry (sorry to damn with faint praise).

I wonder whether Gore regrets not running and whether some Democrats regret it, too.

Just asking.